Thursday, January 29, 2009


Is anybody out there? Helloooo, I am hearing my own voice echoing in this blog...
Has everyone abandoned ship???


  1. Yes I am here!! I was just on the blog adding recipes and noticed your potluck invite. I would be more than willing to particpate. Hopefully we can coordinate with my work schedule. Are you still in London?


  2. Hey Pegg - I think I stopped checking the blog the day you posted your potluck invite lol. Is there anyway to have an email sent when there is a new post or do you just have to keep checking?

    My mom put on some good recipes and I have been meaning to put some on. A potluck would be good, but I might have to bring baggage (in the form of Kaden). I've gone healthy again, trying to get out of some overeating habits - lol. I don't think Nancy and Lynn go on the computer much - they are in Thunder Bay right now. My mom was going to send them a message. When do want to do the potluck?

  3. Hi, wow, Diane was posting when I was, whoohoo! I am home, and it is nice to be home, long couple of weeks.

    My schedule is the most open.. nothing happening to control when I could or could not have a pot luck. I will leave it to when your schedules are open?